A Celebration of Awareness by Ivan Illich
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'I and many others, known and unknown to me, call upon you:

To celebrate our joint power to provide all human beings with the food, clothing and shelter they need to delight in living.

To discover, together with us, what we must do to use mankind's power to create the humanity, the dignity and the joyfulness of each one of us.

To be responsibly aware of your personal ability to express your true feelings and to gather us together in their expression.'

This 'call to celebration' begins the first essay in this book, and sets the keynote for a series of essays, each of which, in Illich's words, records 'an effort of mine to question the nature of some certainty'. Pre-eminent among such questionable certainties is the value of institutions: charitable foundations, the Church, schools -- all are subjected to a remarkably fresh and radical insight.

"A deeply stimulating thinker" - THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT