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Pen and Parchment

Because books deserve a second chance too!

Welcome to Pen and Parchment, your one stop destination for cheap and cheerful second hand books!

Once upon a time, there was a group of college friends, who loved reading and searched far and wide (in vain) for places that provided affordable books, free of hassles. So, they came up with this unique idea of an online second hand book store, to make sure that fellow bookworms could find their favorite books in great condition, at nominal prices, delivered right to their doorsteps.

We aim to serve a community of readers, young and old alike, that appreciates the timeless magic of books and countless memories that are embedded in every page of a well-worn book. From Austen to Atwood, Dickens to Desai, Shakespeare to Salinger, we try to bring you books from across genres and continents.

If you have any special book requests or queries, don't hesitate to drop us a mail at books@penandparchment.in. You can also message/comment on our Facebook page. Buy once, and we will make sure Pen and Parchment becomes the pocket friendly stop for all your reading requirements. 

At Pen and Parchment, we believe that books don't get old...we do. Also, we are an inventory based store and have a limited number of copies of each book. So, hurry! Browse through our collection!


Happy Reading!



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